How an agile mindset enabled growth of $32billion

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 30 minute Case Study by:

Naveed Khawaja


Omar Kareem


About this Case Study

Since the last economic crisis in 2008, majority of large enterprises have struggled to show a sustained growth while keeping their employees motivated, productive and highly innovative.

Right sizing, optimising, downsizing and many other terms are coined to hide the fact that enterprises are struggling to sustain growth and stay profitable while being ahead of the game. In the midst of these real economic challenges, one organisation stands out and has stood the test of time.

What's so unique about the largest furniture manufacturer in the world?

The organisation has had team level agility, shop floor agility, manufacturing agility, portfolio agility and - most importantly - economic agility and leanness since 2004. It has grown by at least one billion dollars every year for more than a decade and stands at $32bn today. There's nothing stopping it for one reason and one reason alone. What is this culture, mindset, management philosophy and business ethic?

Come and join in to learn the fascinating insights of how one organisation leads the way in agile and lean economic growth that's been sustained for more than a decade.

About the Speakers

Naveed Khawaja

Naveed lives and breathes agility and leanness in his personal, social and professional life. Even his 4 young children use kanban for managing their lives.

He likes solving complex challenges innovatively based on contextual needs while keeping the vision, values and principles in check. For the past 16+ years, he has been an instrumental global agile and lean transformer with integrated change leadership. He helps teams find real motivation and valuable productivity while developing future leaders and change catalysts.

With a wealth of diverse experience in Fortune 500 IT, telecoms, energy, pharmaceutical, utilities, transportation, publishing, finance, manufacturing and civil service verticals - he has helped transform some of the biggest global corporations including AstraZeneca, eBay, GE, Xerox, Standard Life, Pearson and the UK government (Department for Work and Pensions, Department for Education).

Naveed's passion is to help develop organisations into stronger global competitors with next-generation leaders through coaching and tailored training for a continuous improvement mindset.


Omar Kareem

Omar’s passion is empowering teams to change the way they work and taking organisations on a value-driven agile journey, creating a positive effect on individuals and, ultimately, the bottom line. His wealth of experience in some of the largest global companies including Adecco, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Citibank, Barclays, Bosch, Argos and many more - along with his 15 years of industry experience - makes him an invaluable asset to any change programme.

His obsession is creating high performing teams and seeing the impacts of successful change on others - whether they're individuals, teams or organisations. Through various agile practices he helps them become high performing, self-managing and highly motivated.

Omar has an insatiable appetite for learning and a belief that through inspection, adaption and transparency you can radically improve working relationships and drive the behaviours needed to create successful teams.

He aims to ultimately be that guiding light in his endeavour to help steer organisations on this challenging path.

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