Tales from a telco transformation

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Lisa Long


About this Case Study

Telenor, Norway's state-owned telco, has a footprint across 12 countries, including the Nordics, southeastern Europe and southeast Asia. In realising that there were no more countries in which it could bid for spectrum and roll out a new network, it turned to digital products being run on top of its network to provide the differentiation it needed in its competing markets.

This is a tale that tells the history of the small group of people who saw the writing on the wall and championed this change, up to the current reorganisation efforts to centralise product development into a global product portfolio.

This session will step through the events at Telenor that led to the current strategy:

  • why we need digital - the initial movement to introduce software products to the telco
  • a different way of working - founding a separate entity to build software products
  • everyone needs to change - folding the separate entity back into the main business to drive change
  • managing change - trying to get the entire business to change through changing KPIs and a new
  • intrapreneurship initiative
  • reorganisation - new structure, new people to drive the business
  • next steps - where we are now and the next strategy steps

The story is intended to show the realities of the politics and the competence needed for a transformation to take place. Early stage willingness was hampered by lack of critical competences and political support, and later stages were better supported by an increased understanding of earlier challenges.

About the Speaker

Lisa Long is the VP of Innovation and Product Governance at Telenor, Norway's state-owned telco. At Telenor, Lisa developed a system to assess Telenor's digital products to be able to evaluate its global product portfolio, and guide the way into new product development and scouting for external investments to round out its footprint.

Prior to Telenor, Lisa worked at Skype as a product manager and part of the product process team, helping to build the system by which Skype determined how to allocate the resources of its 170+ product managers and 2000+ engineers on a quarterly basis. Active in the start-up community, Lisa is a mentor for Mass Challenge, the UCL masters in entrepreneurship programme, and Seedcamp.

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