Impact mapping hands-on workshop

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 90 minute Hands-On by:

Chris Downey


About this Hands-On

Impact mapping is a versatile technique defined by Gojko Adzic. It’s a visual method that can help with lots of areas of team planning - in particular, brainstorming, prioritisation, surfacing assumptions and aligning ideas to business goals.

It's a good way of bringing people from different disciplines together to collaborate. It gives structure and support to the conversation, leading to a shared understanding and context for all involved.

It can be used in lots of different scenarios, including non-tech contexts.

The concepts are straightforward, but from experience it can be easy to trip up and have a less impactful session.

In this hands-on session, we will step through the core concepts with a focus on trying out the technique on a choice of different scenarios in small groups. It’s a chance to practise in a safe environment, learn how to avoid some common pitfalls and experience the benefits that the technique can bring.

Session format:

  • introduction to the core concept
  • tips for facilitating an impact mapping session
  • how to avoid some common problems
  • practice in creating an impact map

About the Speaker

Chris Downey is an agile coach at Skyscanner. He has worked as a back-end, front-end and middleware developer across the telecom and finance industries. Going on a scrum master course in 2010 re-sparked a thirst for learning and Chris has been specialising in agile coaching since 2012. In Skyscanner, Chris works in the EMEA Growth tribe, helping non-technical squads get the benefits from lean, agile and TOC.


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