3 Lean exercises for a DevOps Win

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 90 minute Tutorial by:

Dominica DeGrandis


About this Tutorial

As DevOps encroaches into more and more companies, the old ways of working are evolving toward lean practices and methods. Change can be scary for those impacted by new roles and unfamiliar skill sets, but those who adapt see benefits.

Businesses are rewarded with increased team performance and employees are rewarded with improved culture and job satisfaction. Join Dominica as she steps through 3 lean exercises to help you get your DevOps mojo on.

The exercises are based on lean concepts (leadership, respect for people, value, flow and continuous improvement). The goal is to give you the tools and practices you need to elevate your contributions and value in the coming years.

The 3 exercises (25 - 30 min each):

  1. How to make smart organisational design changes (respect for people, leadership).
  2. How to visualise system and technical improvements when overwhelmed with business requests (value, flow).
  3. What an Ops review is, why it's necessary and how to do one (continuous improvement, feedback).

You'll gain a greater understanding of DevOps goals and practices and walk away with actionable exercises that can be implemented right away with teams. With these exercises in your back pocket and a better understanding of DevOps, you can become the voice of reason in your organisation and head into the future better equipped.

About the Speaker

Dominica DeGrandis is the foremost expert in lean kanban flow within the IT operations industry today. Her work has shown technology and business teams how to effectively improve workflow and optimise throughput, resulting in effective improvement across the value stream.

Her passion involves the use of visual cues and transparency across teams and organisations to reveal mutually critical information. As Director of Digital Transformation at Tasktop, Dominica combines experience, practice and theory to help teams level up their capability to increase business value. She blogs at ddegrandis.com and tweets at @dominicad.


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