How to deal with your inner critic

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 60 minute Tutorial by:

Marianne Rady


About this Tutorial

"You are clearly too old to change careers. What will people think? Your art is not good enough to share with others. Who do you think you are? Act your age! Why don't you know how to do this?"

Nearly everyone hears it sometimes, this nagging and bugging voice inside. It uses shame, blame, judgement and ridicule to stop you from challenging the status quo and changing something in your life.

Why does this voice exist? When does yours kick in? What does it stop you from doing?

In this tutorial we will go through exercises together to find the answers to these and other questions. This will help you to recognise your voice and analyse it. I will share my tactics on how I deal with my inner critic and give valuable tips how to help yourself when it becomes too loud.

About the Speaker

I have been an avid seeker of new concepts, ideas, and teachers since I started my quest to understand myself and my emotions better 15 years ago. Reflecting on and challenging my values and attitudes constantly has led me to discover who I really am.

Daring greatly, I aim to live the most awesome and authentic life possible.

During my software engineering studies, I discovered my talent for facilitation, and I trained my communication and feedback skills in various university committees.

With these skills I now support teams as a scrum master. By listening and watching with a lot of empathy, I help people discover how they can grow, collaborate better - and have fun while doing it.

In my spare time I offer Sketchnote workshops to encourage creativity and joy in those who claim they can’t draw.


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