New economic spaces - new management?

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 60 minute Endnote by:

Esko Kilpi

Esko Kilpi Company

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About this Endnote

Work is always solving other people’s problems, and what defines those problems is that to understand them and to solve them, a person has to think not only about what she believes the right answer is, but also about what other people have seen and learned. What they think the right answers could be.

Work, then, is exploration - defining the problems and finding the solutions. The network is the key resource. Every valuable piece of learning can be put to use by someone else, or somewhere else. At best, then, work is remixing and recombining successful elements to create new versions.

Minimal hierarchy together with organisational diversity and responsiveness characterise these spaces. They are a necessary response to the increasing fuzziness of strategic horizons and the shorter half-life of designs.

Strategy used to be about rational choice between a set of known options and variables. The variables of creative work and complex environments have increased beyond systems thinking and process design. Under circumstances of rapid technological change, the management challenge is not better planning and control, but creation of protocols that enable openness to possibilities.

About the Speaker

Esko Kilpi Company lays the intellectual foundations for Post-Industrial Work. We help organisations and individuals to thrive and grow in the new technological and societal landscape characterised by algorithms, platforms and complex human interaction. We are early champions and pilots for the new disciplines of value creation and the new business models as they emerge.


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