Applicable Learning from a Long Walk

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 30 minute Case Study by:

Mike Sutton


About this Case Study

In this insightful and entertaining session, Mike invites you to take a walk with him and share insights that have inspired life-enhancing habits.

This is a 3-part case study, each part sharing how an insight was gained, telling a story about it and closing with a tool or practice applicable to the world of lean and agile work.

The first part will look at how each decision, tool or technique we have has an ongoing cost that is often hidden. This invites us to see the value in illuminating that cost and auditing regularly.

The second part explores the importance of shared learning around common challenges that we all face and how we can deliberately learn whilst also enjoying the benefits of emergence.

The third part explores the critical importance of fixing small problems early - with help in the form of a policy to decide which ones.

Take a walk with Mike.

About the Speaker

Mike's passion is to help organisations deliver products and services they can be proud of and to help them enjoy doing it.

His ever-growing box of tricks includes lean and agile principles and practices, improvisation theatre and solution focused coaching.

As a developer, improvement partner and start-up founder, he has worked in the software industry for over 20 years in dozens of businesses and with hundreds of teams.

When not partnering with businesses to improve their delivery and up their joy, Mike enjoys hiking, dreaming and being a father to his beautiful children.


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