Code, as if language matters

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 30 minute Case Study by:

Tobbe Gyllebring


About this Case Study

Software development is increasingly about collaborative problem solving. Effective collaboration is communication rich and hinges upon language. But how much care do we put into creating, curating and shaping the language we use within our initatives?

In my experience, not enough - and that impedes progress, creates brittle solutions and gives rise to fundamentally flawed ideas regarding both the inputs to and manifestations of software construction.

I'll show how a focus on language naturally leads us to solutions that are easier to reason about for all stakeholders, cheaper to maintain and that evolve gracefully as we learn more.

About the Speaker

Tobbe is a organisational debugger, hugger and developer at heart. He's found purpose in making a positive difference by helping individuals, teams and organisations grow.

He's a bit shy and likes looking at his own shoes - but ask him about running ultras, his opinion on XP, kanban, scrum, DevOps, TDD, Conway's law, metrics or similar and he'll happily mumble on for quite a bit.

Tobbe's business card says he's the CTO at Nepa - he believes that stands for Code, Teams and Outlook.


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