Introduction to complexity

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 30 minute Case Study by:

Cat Swetel


About this Case Study

Have you heard your peers and colleagues buzzing about the Cynefin Framework or Wardley Maps? What’s all this about complex adaptive systems (CAS)? What is complexity theory and why is it relevant to knowledge work, organisational design and strategy?

As knowledge workers, we are tasked with exploring and solving problems. Complexity theory can give knowledge workers a helpful way to think about, and make sense of, problems in context.

Participants will leave with a basic understanding of complexity theory (including some popular frameworks), ready to participate in and enjoy other complexity related sessions on the conference agenda.

About the Speaker

Cat has experience applying lean principles in a variety of settings: from start-ups to large enterprises, warehouses to web. She is passionate about increasing diversity in tech. In her leisure time, Cat enjoys making jokes about Bitcoin, hiking and reading feminist literature.


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