Enterprise Service Design

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Kaimar Karu


About this Case Study

What does 'digital transformation' really mean? It's about leveraging technology the way it should be leveraged in the 21st century, abandoning harmful management methods and moving from a product mindset to a service mindset. It is not about 'implementing DevOps' or buying the latest orchestration tool, by the way.

The service economy changes the way organisations design their operating models, and the role of IT in those organisations – from an order-taker to an enabler and a provider of competitive advantage. For this to work, the service mindset can’t be 'contained' only at the customer service level – an enterprise-wide service design initiative is required, and this can't be achieved with just signing a 3-year consultancy agreement with the top dogs.

This session provides practical guidance on how to excel at enterprise service design, as well as how to link various ongoing improvement initiatives to what really matters – customer value.

About the Speaker

Kaimar Karu is one of those people who have managed to put their degree in philosophy to good use. He has a diverse career background in IT, with hands-on experience in IT operations, software development, programme management and IT service management. Before moving to London, Kaimar spent 3 years immersed in the world of start-ups, Nordic pragmatism and multi-billion dollar acquisitions, working with Skype in his native Estonia.


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