Entanglements/ disentanglement

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Jabe Bloom


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About this Case Study

The socio-technical world view in which we operate as lean/agile practitioners rests upon 2 foundational beliefs: the belief that information is power, and the belief that interpretation of information by social groups enables coherent action.

Decision making, data collection and interpretation seem deeply entwined.

Data seems capable of abstraction and therefore movement throughout our organisations, and yet, as practitioners, we are all deeply aware of context and experience as sources of constraints that make interpretation possible.

Having worked for years with quants to define effective metrics systems, Jabe Bloom will use learnings and examples from this work to reflect on the nature of entanglement, fragmentation and decision making. How can we as practitioners, both in management and on the front lines, use data, and what are the limits?

About the Speaker

Jabe Bloom is a founding member and the Chief SocioTechnical Officer at PraxisFlow, a company he formed with Kevin Behr to explore the orchestration of operations work in large scale enterprises.

He has served as a chief architect, principal technical director, chief technical officer, and CEO. He continues this work as a trusted advisor to chief information officers, chief technical officers and IT executives around the world.

He joins us during a brief break from writing his PhD dissertation, which attempts to explain how time should not simply be thought of as a mere resource or variable; instead, temporality must be understood as a primary agent in the process of designing long term transitions.

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