Deployment is not release

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 30 minute Case Study by:

Gary Fleming

Emphasis Parenthesis Ltd

About this Case Study

We want feedback sooner than ever before, while focusing on delivering value quickly and safely. What if we could deploy every commit but ensure everything keeps working? What if production environments were safe places to experiment so we could get real feedback quickly and deliver value sooner? What if UXers, product managers, developers and testers could be happy with every deployment? Let's talk about the backbone of continuous delivery: let's talk about feature toggles.

In this session, we'll ensure everyone understands the basics of continuous integration and delivery, and then probe how feature toggles allow us to explore and experiment safely, while giving new capabilities to our organisations.

About the Speaker

Gary is an agile provocateur, software nomad and lean mercenary. His main hobby is to try and help companies to build better software in better ways. Sometimes this is by helping them with the messy human communication side of agile, and sometimes it's through teaching better software craftsmanship practices - but it's usually at least some of each. Coaching, mentoring, writing, and showing; whatever helps in the context. You'll find him at various local meetups trying to both share what he knows and learn from his peers.


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