How can our language and behaviour be more inclusive?

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 30 minute Case Study by:

Peter Aitken


About this Case Study

Our words and actions can have a deep and profound effect on people in the community and within our teams. So much so that they step back from participating in events or even leave their place of work.

Even those of us who think ourselves as considerate can sometimes be doing things that inadvertently cause problems.

In this session we will cover a number of real-world scenarios that aim to put participants in the shoes of those who receive unwanted and inappropriate language and/or behaviour.

Today, what can we do to be more inclusive?

About the Speaker

Peter is an agile Ruby and JavaScript developer who spends his days working with the awesome team at Litmus.

By night he can be found thinking of ways to make our community more inclusive.

In between dog walks, swimming and helping with homework, Peter organises the ScotlandCSS and ScotlandJS conferences.


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