Recycling tests in TDD

4-6 October 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

A 110 minute Hands-On by:

Seb Rose


About this Hands-On

It's not always easy to know which test to write next in TDD, and some problems make this harder than others. In this session I will introduce you to a small problem that I find often causes difficulty. We'll work through this in pairs and do a retrospective on why it was hard to TDD (or what you did if you found it easy).

Then I'll introduce you to a method I've been practising that I've been calling 'test recycling'. I'll ask you to try the problem again using this technique, and we'll do another retrospective to compare.

I hope to add a new technique to your TDD toolbox and learn new techniques from you.

This is a hands-on coding session - I'll be asking you to work in pairs (or small groups) and you can use a development language of your own choice (available on the platform).

About the Speaker

Seb has been a consultant, coach, designer, analyst and developer for over 30 years.

He has been involved in the full development lifecycle - with experience that ranges from architecture to support, from BASIC to Ruby. He’s a partner in Cucumber Limited, which helps teams adopt and refine their agile practices, with a particular focus on collaboration and automated testing.

Seb is a regular speaker at conferences and an occasional contributor to software journals. He's also a contributing author to 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know (O’Reilly) and lead author of The Cucumber for Java Book (Pragmatic Programmers). Seb is the co-author of BDD Book 1: Discovery (Leanpub).

He blogs at


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