11-12 September 2014

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

In three years the conference transformed from two tracks with just over one hundred and sixty attendees to now four tracks with two hundred and sixty attending over the two days.

This year we also introduced a range of workshops to give a hands-on experience with some of the new ideas being discussed. 

The main themes of the 2014 conference were: 

  • Appreciation of a system, help us all appreciate and understand our organisations as a system and not just focus on the parts;
  • Change, help us all understand the complexity of change;
  • Respect for people, help us all appreciate those around us and build towards more humane organisations.
Lean Agile Scotland 2014

Want to revisit the sessions from LAS 2014?


Photograph of Dan North

Dan North

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Photograph of Esther Derby

Esther Derby

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Photograph of J. B. Rainsberger

J. B. Rainsberger

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Photograph of Jabe Bloom

Jabe Bloom

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