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Presented by:

Wouter Lagerweij

Wouter Lagerweij Consultancy

Karel Boekhout


Session duration:

90 minutes

About the session

Cash to concept. Because when you already have an application that is in the hands of your users, delivering value, it can be quite a challenge to get back in control of quality. So while most examples start from nothing and show how to build up to a high quality app, in this workshop we start with an existing app and reverse engineer it. We’ll go back to defining the high-level product map and show how to fill in all the unknowns to get a complete overview of functionality, generate some test metrics and write solid functional tests. To know what we test, we need to have a detailed overview of the functionality of our application. Then we can decide where our risks are, and start creating the tests that will get us to safety. In this workshop, we'll create a functional overview of our application, use story mapping to probe and prioritise our functionality, and example mapping to generate our tests. Then we show how to use the results to get control, using first manual testing scripts, and how to decide what and how to automate so you can get in that coveted continuous delivery mode.

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