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Presented by:

Dan Ashby

Ada Health

Session time:

14 Sep 12:15 13:00

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Quality is deeper and wider than "correctness". Testing is evolving to assess quality from this much wider perspective of quality. But for testing to properly evolve further, we need to break out of the mindset that testing only relates to assessing software.

Dan will explain a wider perspective of quality and illustrate the value in expanding testing activities throughout the entire software development life cycle to assess quality throughout.

Imagine a world where testing was properly understood and invited throughout the full lifecycle of building software. A world where quality was not just perceived as “correctness” based on the software meeting the requirements. Imagine the state of the world if this was the case, with people relying more on complex software every day.

There will be examples, there will be models, and there will be stories which Dan hopes to excite and inspire you to reflect on and evolve your own testing towards that imagined world of really showing the true value of testing from assessing quality throughout the entire development lifecycle.

Quality, Quality Engineering, Software, Testing, SDLC.

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