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Presented by:

Valerie McLean

Because Agile Ltd.

Session time:

14 Sep 15:30 16:30

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

In our ever-changing world, everything seems uncertain and complex. As leaders, it's becoming increasingly tough to navigate the unpredictable nature of our lives, teams, organisations, and society as a whole. We need a fresh approach to uncovering and solving problems—a way that allows us to learn fast and gets everyone involved in diagnosing problems and finding solutions.

Join Valerie for "It's Simply Not That Simple" where she'll take you on a journey of curiosity, connection, and closing the loop. She'll delve into why leading through these tricky problems feels so daunting and explore ways to make it a bit easier. You'll discover practical tools that bring a sense of security and comfort to everyone, even when things are uncertain.

At the heart of this session is a practical tool that empowers leaders to embrace curiosity and ask questions of a diverse group. I'll emphasise the importance of setting common goals and creating a safe space for collaboration. Most importantly, you'll learn how to pay attention to the answers you receive and remove obstacles for those around you.

Let's tackle challenges together and uplift one another, fostering a shared sense of growth and empowerment. We can unlock your potential to lead effectively in complex environments.

Complexity, Inclusivity, Learning, Experimentation, Psychological Safety, Diversity of Thought, Problem Solving, Leadership Styles.

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