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Presented by:

Sarah Drummond

Director of School of Good Services

Session time:

13 Sep 16:45 17:45

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

In today's complex world, we all play a part in shaping how users experience the services we offer, even if we don't consider ourselves designers.

Before the official design process begins, 1000s of decisions have already been made—decisions that profoundly affect the user experience. 

Have you ever considered how choices like procurement, business models, and performance evaluation impact the user experience? 

These factors, often hidden from view, wield immense influence.

My framework, Full Stack Service Design helps to uncover the less-visible aspects of user experience design—the parts we might not immediately think need designed. 

We’ll go on a journey together, up and down the stack and ask ourselves, what makes a good, inclusive and accessible service and how do you design that at all levels of what influences a service? 

Because once you know, you know. And that means you need to put that knowledge to good use no matter what our job title says. 

We're all responsible for making good services. 

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