Session type:

Lightning Talks

Presented by:

Niels Kee


Neha Datt

Mercurial Phoenix Ltd / Equal Experts Ltd

Andy Eley

JP Morgan

Session duration:

30 minutes

About the session

Our lightning talks session is a series of rapid fire talks with or without slides for a maximum of 10 minutes each.


In pursuit of happiness by Niels Kee

Organisational improvement, culture, introspection, adaptation - these are very much things we strive for when we want to be ‘agile’. But how do you tie them all together and create real actionable change across teams that the c-level can understand and support? This case study will tell the story from inside an organisation that has stumbled, scaled and learned their way to something that works. I’ll recount that journey and give you ideas to try something yourself.


Product management isn’t just about product anymore! by Neha Datt

Building products is hard! This is a call to arms, to upgrade the modern product manager’s (PM) toolkit. As leader, coach and colleague, a modern PM’s role increasingly needs to focus less on building products, and more on their team, environment and outcomes. We’ll explore case studies and actionable tips to add to our toolkit. Specifically: how to facilitate "safe" failure, improve sustainability by paying product/business "debts" and redefine leadership for flatter, autonomous teams.


How small is too small? by Andy Eley

We’ve all heard of big bloated teams that are far too big to work effectively, eg 14+ team members all working on a single area; but how small is too small? A team of 5 or 4 or 3? Do we reach a point were the team just becomes ineffective? I’ve run an experiment with different teams to find the smallest workable size, where they are small, nimble and productive, while still being large enough to function as a team. We had some surprising results, where we thought we were creating teams that were far too small, but they have shone through and astonished us.

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