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Presented by:

John Clapham

Rownham Coaching Ltd

Session time:

07 Oct 13:45 14:45

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Limit your DIP (Decisions in Progress) - Why decisions are hard and how to make them easier. Ever fought to make a decision when you’re tired, uninspired or under pressure? Ever seen a high performing team struggle to reach a conclusion? Ever wondered why that one story took so long? That’s because team and personal decisions, especially important ones, are taxing for our poor brains, which would rather be deciding whether to eat, sleep or run away. This talk explores our most and least effective decision making and how to create environments conducive to timely, quality decisions.

Participants Takeaways:

  • Understand the psychological challenges in making team and individual decisions
  • Learn how team agreements can help, including consent and consensus
  • Learn how coaching and agile techniques can help, including visualising and managing decisions

Themes: Flow, metrics, psychology, decisions, leadership, teams, psychological saftey, work, kanban, coaching

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