Session type:


Presented by:

Monica Ugalde

Imaginaction Ltd

Session time:

13 Sep 14:00 15:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Culture consists of various layers, and can be compared to an onion. In this workshop, Monica will peel the various layers and participants will have a chance to think about their own context and discuss with others to identify elements that can cause dysfunctions, and how to tackle changing them.

In this workshop, she will work through the layers of a culture as described by Hofstede through a series of prompts using Liberating Structures and other facilitation techniques to make sense of each layer.

Participant takeaways:
Participants will think through how the dimensions of culture:

  • influence how people interact
  • impact productivity
  • have an effect on communication and collaboration

Participants will walk out with ideas about what elements of the culture of the organisations they work with could be detrimental to the implementation of Agile ways of working, and what actions can be taken to tackle antipatterns.

Culture, Management, Change Management, People. Session Capacity: 40

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