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Scott Seivwright

Being Beyond Better

Session time:

15 Sep 13:45 14:30

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Communities of practice are essential for Agile teams to succeed, but building inclusive and diverse communities across time zones and cultures present unique challenges.

In this 45-minute talk, Agile activist Scott shares their real-world experiences and insights on creating and sustaining Agile communities that are inclusive, diverse and supportive.

From creating a sense of belonging and leveraging neurodiversity to overcoming time zone differences and embracing failure, this talk provides unique insights and strategies for creating truly agile communities that foster learning, innovation and collaboration.

Agile methodologies, Inclusion, Diversity, Innovation, Success, Neurodiversity, Sense of belonging, Language barriers, Cultural differences, Shared identity, Purpose, Shared rituals, Artefacts, Time Zones, Asynchronous communication, Distributed decision-making, Cultural mapping, Peer-to-peer learning, Continuous improvement.

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