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Adrian Cockcroft


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13 Sep 09:45 10:45

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60 minutes

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There are many examples throughout history of something that was expensive crossing a threshold to become cheap enough that it can create a whole new industry, or be given away in return for some other indirect value like advertising.

What if compute power could be given away for free? Google.

What if disk space for photo storage could be given away for free? Facebook.

What if network bandwidth was cheaper than shipping a DVD? Netflix.

What if both network and storage could be given away? YouTube.

In the future, AI is increasingly replacing skilled workers, as it is trained to manage ever more complex situations. What if taxi's didn't need drivers, which is most of the cost of a ride? What if developers didn't need to understand hundreds of different cloud services and frameworks to deploy an app?

What if your product ideas can be implemented faster than you can invent and test them?

As I noted in the foreword I wrote for The Value Flywheel Effect, some organisations are already innovating at speeds that seem ludicrous to the rest of the industry, and as I've said many times, speed wins in the marketplace.

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