Looking for another year?

Abeba Birhane

In defence of uncertainty

Adarsh Shah & Hibri Marzook

Using the Toyota Improvement Kata to solve hard problems

Aino Corry

Futurespectives in action

Andrea Provaglio

Leading within

Caitlin Cleveland

Bitter to better: harnessing pessimism to improve projects and lives

Andy Kemp & Chris Brown

Re-designing a service for vulnerable users in a digital age

Cat Swetel

Overcoming inertia: where do we go from here?

Chris McDermott & Marc Burgauer

Maturity Mapping: Using Wardley Maps and Cynefin to create context specific maturity models

Clem Pickering & Robert van Kooten

Imposter syndrome: 2 roles, 2 viewpoints, same challenge

Duncan Nisbet

Followership - sometimes leadership can go f-ck itself

Joe Wright

Keynote: The good, the bad, the open-plan: Creating environments for collaborative knowledge work

John Allspaw

People are the adaptable element of complex systems

John Clapham

Resilience - how to bring your best through the worst

John Le Drew

The 5 pillars of collaborative product ownership

Kaimar Karu

AI bias and other ethical challenges we need to address

Liz Pope

Maximising 10% time

Lyndsay Prewer

Embracing collaborative chaos - running chaos days on large platforms

Martin Bate

Agile and agencies: a user guide

Michal Pyla

Managing products without stakeholders?

Michiel Rook

Beyond continuous delivery - learn, adapt, improve

Neha Datt & Marcel Britsch

Continuous delivery: a product manager’s perspective

Neil Crawford

Trunk-based development, continuous deployment and why you should adopt them

Nick Maidment

The space in between - a tale of remote teams and distributed working

Rouan Wilsenach

Fail better with QA in production

Simon Wardley

Going deeper with maps

Sophie Freiermuth

The lean agile specialist and the subject matter expert: combining delivery and accompaniment

Steve Smith

Continuous delivery and the Theory of Constraints

Suze Haworth

Thinking more product: moving from scrum to dual-track agile

Tobias Goeschel

Domain prototyping - or "design is how it works"