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Adrian Cockroft

Speeding up innovation - tipping points

Anne Dhir

The circle of life: lessons learned from killing services

Cansel Sörgens

How to create cross-departmental collaboration with OKRs?

Chris McDermott

Re-contextualising 20+ years of learning

Dan Ashby

Evolving Our Testing: Assessing Quality Throughout The SDLC

Eeva Partanen

Roller derby case study: creating a successful team from scratch - how did we manage it?

Emily Webber

Why can't we all just get along?

Hannah Dell'Armi & Stephen Mounsey

Creating the first internal Agile coaching service in Government

Jack Spencer

Systems thinking approach to building strong teams - a case study within Skyscanner

Karl Scotland

Fidelity: The Lost Dimension of the Iron Triangle

Kenny Baas-Schwegler

How domain-driven design enabled scaling a big ball of mud product

Marcel Britsch

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should... thoughts on ethical product delivery

Mattia Battiston

Unlocking technical excellence as a business advantage at giffgaff

Neha Datt & Marcel Britsch

The antidote to product management best practices

Paula McLean

Becoming a Product centric organisation

Sarah Drummond

IYKYK - Designing a good full stack service

Seb Rose

Low code & no code solutions: Agile or fragile?

Stephen Janaway

My team is high performing but everyone hates us

Stephen McAinsh & Liz McLachlan

Using agile to protect Scotland's nature

Stuart Munton

The product confidence trap

Susanne Kaiser

Adaptive socio-technical Systems with architecture for flow

Thierry de Pauw

From bi-annual to fortnightly releases in 4 months for 15 teams & a single monolith

Tom Adeyoola

Why your ‘Brilliant’ technology fails to have impact

Woody Zuill

Advanced software teaming (mob-ensemble programming)